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Beijing pledges financial assistance to pandemic-affected countries

20.05.2020 | 15:30 |
 Beijing pledges financial assistance to pandemic-affected countries

Beijing, in cooperation with the UN, intends to create a global humanitarian warehouse and hub in China to ensure the stability of the supply chain of anti-epidemic drugs. China will provide financial assistance to countries affected by the coronavirus pandemic. The authorities promised to allocate two billion dollars for this purpose. The money will be directed, first of all, to developing countries, whose economies are believed to have suffered the most from COVID-19.

“In order to stimulate international cooperation against COVID-19, China will provide $ 2 billion over the next two years to assist in the fight against coronavirus and on socio-economic development in the affected countries, especially in developing countries,” said Chinese President Xi Jinping at the 73rd World Health Assembly, which took place via videoconference.

Xi Jinping added that “prospectively developed Chinese coronavirus vaccines after commissioning will be available worldwide and will serve as a worthy contribution by China to ensure the availability of vaccination in developing countries.”


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