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The head of Turkmenistan congratulated his compatriots on Independence Day

27.09.2023 | 01:19 |
 The head of Turkmenistan congratulated his compatriots on Independence Day

Today, on the occasion of the celebration of Turkmenistan's Independence Day, President Serdar Berdimuhamedov addressed his compatriots with congratulations.

In particular, the congratulatory Address says:

“I cordially congratulate you on the 32nd anniversary of the independence of Turkmenistan - the most important date in the life of our democratic, legal and secular state! I am confident that the celebrations held to commemorate the main holiday in the era of the Renaissance of a new era of a powerful state will increase our pride in our successes and achievements of the country, glorifying our unity and cohesion!

This year, the country created the highest representative body of people's power in Turkmenistan -Halk Maslakhaty. National elections were held on the principles of democracy, openness and freedom of expression and a new composition of members of the Mejlis of Turkmenistan, the Halk Maslahaty and members of the Gengeshes were elected. Many large social and industrial facilities, designed to help improve the living conditions of the people have been built and put into operation. The first stage of the city of national importance Arkadag was inaugurated and the construction of its second stage was launched. These achievements in economic and social development, great labor successes emphasize the socio-political significance of celebrating the next anniversary of the Motherland’s independence in the year of “Happy Youth with Arkadag Serdar,” as evidenced by the scale of the celebrations.

The active participation of Turkmenistan in the 78th session of the UN General Assembly, where the key issues of our time were voiced, clearly demonstrates that our independent neutral state is reaching a new level of foreign policy activity. Our initiatives and proposals, put forward from the high rostrum of the General Assembly, are aimed at uniting the efforts of the international community in strengthening world peace, ensuring security, creating the necessary conditions for sustainable development and environmental protection. All this will contribute to further strengthening on the world stage the authority of our independent neutral state – Turkmenistan,” the congratulatory message of President Serdar Berdimuhamedov to the Turkmen people noted.

Concluding the Address, the Turkmen leader wished his compatriots good health, longevity, happiness and family well-being, and great success in their work for the prosperity of the country.



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