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Shanghai discusses the prospects of the metaverse

23.09.2023 | 13:28 |
 Shanghai discusses the prospects of the metaverse

The World Conference on the Metaverse was held in Shanghai, which brought together more than 110 specialists from different countries. They exchanged views and experiences on the application of new technologies in various spheres of life.

The conference touched upon many topical topics, such as the use of the metaverse in industry, medicine, education, culture and tourism. The forum presented the latest developments of more than 30 companies working in this field.

The Shanghai Metaverse Industry Innovation Alliance was also announced at the conference. Its goal is to unite scientists, experts and practitioners to create a strong platform for cooperation and innovation in the digital economy.

In China, the metaverse is one of the priority areas of development. Technologies of virtual and augmented reality, blockchain, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things are widely used in many industries. According to forecasts, by 2026, the volume of production in the industry can reach 250 billion yuan.



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