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How gelin students live: mothers and excellent students

08.03.2023 | 14:34 |
 How gelin students live: mothers and excellent students

On International Women's Day, which takes place in the atmosphere of spring flowering and changeable March weather, the beautiful half of society: mothers, workers and active workers is honored in Turkmenistan. The media talk about the success of entrepreneurs, athletes and artists. But behind famous personalities there are still thousands and thousands of women - these are simple teachers, doctors, cashiers, nannies and cooks, secretaries and personnel officers ...

Their life seems ordinary and unremarkable, but this is only at first glance. Our heroine today is a mother of three children and a student of the Turkmen National Institute of World Languages named after Dovletmammet Azadi Selbi Byashimova, who represents such a special “nomination” in the women’s “career” as gelin - daughter-in-law, or simply, as the people say, gelinka. We give her the floor:

― I am 33 years old and I am a student of the second year. I am an unusual student, because I differ from most of my fellow students not only in age, but also in family and work experience. But I'm far from the only one. There are really many of us. All of us, Gelin students, study and do well at home.

I have three children, and I very consciously decided to enter a higher school, to learn a new profession. I worked in various positions and in various fields, higher education was not a priority for me. But then I changed my position: I realized that qualifications are very important for my future and, above all, for the future of my children.

Motherhood radically changes views on many things. It's not for nothing that I became a teacher. My life now is learning and improvement. I try to be a good mother, an exemplary housewife, a loyal friend, an understanding relative… I do my homework with my children, walk with them and tell them how my day went. I am not perfect, not exemplary, but I live according to my conscience. Many people ask what do women need?

In fact, women need to understand that the results of their work and efforts are not in vain, they need to know that their work is grateful and accepted with joy. Last semester, I closed all the subjects with an "A", and recently I began to help my classmates who are not doing well in their studies. In other words, I am honing my teaching skills.

Gelin students are a special group of young people. I believe that they are the real heroines, and it is especially difficult for young daughters-in-law. Here you need to have time to adequately fulfill your duties in a new family and try not only not to deprive your education of attention, but also to bring something new to science. You hurry to have time to do everything at once and at some point you feel that you are tired. But then you look at the eyes of your children and understand that for the most part they need it: their life depends solely on us, the parents. No loving mother will shift the responsibility for the younger generation to another parent - this is the duty of two people of one indestructible union called the family. This is our value - caring for the delicate and fragile petals of seedlings, which, having become tall trees, will shelter us from the rain.

Difficult? No, it’s not difficult, you can’t get tired of the role of a mother. Can we get tired of happiness?


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