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Don't give perfume, surprise him in the kitchen — we answer how

23.02.2023 | 11:47 |
 Don't give perfume, surprise him in the kitchen — we answer how

On the Internet, you can find many different ideas about how to present an original gift to a man. Many of them, as shown by ORIENT survey, do not inspire joy to the strong half of humanity.

But most men believe that the true gift lies in unlimited care and genuine interest. You can express sincere concern through a delicious festive dish, the cost of which will be lower than the gift you want to present.

ORIENT went to one of the supermarkets and found out how much a gift in the form of a man's perfume and the ingredients needed to prepare a delicious dish would cost. Pilaf was taken as a basis. We are in a hurry to share the results of the price ratio.

First of all, we head to the perfume department. A rich assortment of perfumes suggests a different price, but the average cost was 150 manats.

To determine the "pilaf index", let's take as a basis the list of ingredients of the dish. It includes one kilogram of rice (18 manats), one kilogram of carrots (2 manats), one kilogram of lamb meat (40 manats), 300 grams of oil (the cost of a bottle is 30 manats), 300 grams of onions (3 manats), 10 grams of spices and 5-10 grams of table salt (in sum – 5 manats).

We add up the numbers obtained, which eventually gave us 97 manats, which turns out to be 53 manats lower than the average cost of perfumes.

In the case of perfumes, representatives of the beautiful gender have a chance to make a mistake with the tastes and preferences of men, which is difficult to say when talking about the fragrant component of the festive pilaf.



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