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How the "Personal Account" service works on the website of the Ashgabat city telephone network

22.02.2023 | 14:52 |
 How the "Personal Account" service works on the website of the Ashgabat city telephone network

On the official website of the Ashgabat City Telephone Network (ACTN) in the section, the "Personal Account" service is available for each client.

What does this service offer, how does it work and what are its features? Let's analyze in more detail.

"Personal Account" is a user's personal page, his/her workspace within a website or mobile application. The main task of the ACTN "Personal Account" is to speed up and simplify the interaction between the client and the organization. All information is stored in the personal profile — data about the user, his actions on the site, payment history, files and documents.

To enable the option, you need to dial the number "084" from a landline phone and get a 4-digit PIN code. It will become a virtual key for entering the "Personal Account".

Then the user should log in to the Internet platform using a computer or smartphone, and enter the home phone number in the appropriate line. In the specified field, you must enter the received PIN code. And so, the login to the personal account has been carried out.

With the help of the "Personal Account" you can pay for telephone services, pay for IP TV, Internet, connect these services without leaving home, as well as study the history of operations.

The user can connect various types of additional services related to telephone communication, in particular, the "call waiting" functions, conference calls, set up international communication, etc.

Users can access the "Personal Account" not only through the browser, but also special mobile applications for Android and iOS.

For more information, please visit the website of the Ashgabat City Telephone Network.



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