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Afghanistan increases exports to Europe via Central Asia

29.11.2022 | 15:18 |
 Afghanistan increases exports to Europe via Central Asia

Afghanistan is increasing exports of goods to Europe through the territory of Central Asia to expand trade and develop local industry, the Bakhtar news agency reports.

"Today, 120 tons of dried fruits, saffron, carpets and minerals worth several million dollars have been shipped from Afghanistan to the European direction," Hanjan Alkosi, a member of the Afghan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said on Sunday.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of Afghanistan stated the importance of the role of entrepreneurs in economic growth, as well as the intention to increase trade through the support of investors, farmers and industrialists.

At the moment, Afghan exports to Europe are carried out through the Lapis Lazuli Corridor, a transit project that connects Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Turkey.


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