Agriculture in a new fashion: how to protect nature, to honour the law and to get a rich harvest

Agriculture in a new fashion: how to protect nature, to honour the law and to get a rich harvest

To use water saving up technologies, rationally to plan agricultural manufacture and to select the right technics for work in the field is very important. But not each firm or the usual worker of village possess knowledge and skills independently to organise all aforesaid on the allocated ground.

In such cases economic society «Garagum agro» will come to help. On the staff of the young company there are skilled employees with long-term experience of practical work and scientific degrees in the field of agriculture.

The economic society stakes on the agricultural enterprises of Turkmenistan which want to raise productivity and to come out to a new level of development of business. Experts of the firm help agricultural manufacturers both in the technical and legal spheres.

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  • In Turkmenistan the great attention is given to preservation and strengthening of ecological well-being and in this connection the legislation in the given sphere is regularly improved, - says chief executive of the economic society «Garagum agro» Akmurat Yylkybayev. - We help the private sector to adjust activity according to requirements of laws and statutory acts, to prepare the permit documentation on special water use.

Modern technologies of agricultural manufacture and the latest technologies allow making real wonders in fields of agricultural manufacturers. But to pick up the right technics for automatic watering, to calculate necessary volumes of water and to carry out other important work in this direction expert knowledge is necessary. Experts of economic society «Garagum agro» are ready to share with such knowledge.

Absolutely little updating prompted within the limits of one consultation of the firm, can help rise essentially to landowner’s productivity of agricultural crops. «Garagum agro» offers its clients all spectrums of consulting services in the field of agriculture, and also full support of realisation of projects of any scale.

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Now the firm introduces the system of drip irrigation in the territory of economic society «Kumush yupek» in the district of Ak bugday of Akhal region. There on 41 hectares of land businessmen plan to plant 30 thousand saplings of mulberry trees and in the future to use them for cultivation of cocoons of silkworm.

The firm carries on negotiations for participation in projects on creation of system of drip irrigation for trees on 60 hectares in Baherden district of Akhal region and also on watering by method of sprinkling irrigation of thousand hectares of alfalfa in Balkan region.

Economic society «Garagum agro» also plans to develop the activity in the sphere of solar power which is a perspective direction in the agriculture of Turkmenistan thanks to special environmental conditions of the country.