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Penalties for coronavirus treatment law offences in different countries of the world at a glance

08.09.2020 | 10:57 |
 Penalties for coronavirus treatment law offences in different countries of the world at a glance

Recently, an article for malicious evasion from treatment of dangerous infectious diseases was added to the Criminal Code of Turkmenistan. Such infringement of the law provides for up to two years in prison, and, if the offence is repeated, depending on the severity of the damage inflicted on others – up to five years. ORIENT reviews penalties for dangerous infectious diseases law offences in other countries at a glance.

In Russia, for violation of sanitary and epidemiological rules, patients with dangerous infectious diseases can face deprivation of freedom for a term of up to two years. The starkest amendment in the package of laws, with a seven-year prison sentence, will apply if someone with coronavirus breaks the quarantine and others die as a result. In addition, the legislation of the Russian Federation provides for a system of severe fines ranging from five hundred thousand to two million rubles for violation and severe consequences of violation of sanitary and epidemiological rules. There are also a new punishment of up to three years for spreading fake news about the coronavirus.

In China, quarantine violators will face one of the harshest punishments. Those who have been diagnosed as having COVID-19 and continued visiting public places would be suspected of violating the criminal law and can be sentenced to death. So it becomes clear how the Celestial Empire managed to bring the spread of coronavirus under control so quickly.

In addition, the PRC provides many different penalties for other violations associated with a new type of virus. Sanctions can be applied for those who refuse treatment, go outside in cities where quarantine has been introduced, destroy the protective suits of medical personnel, etc. In total, there are 21 types of COVID-19 related crimes in China.

One of the longest prison sentences for violation of quarantine and refusal to treat coronavirus disease is in Argentina – up to 15 years in prison. The highest fine for violation of mandatory rules during th pandemic was seen in the United States - $ 250,000. In UAE, the penalty for a 14-day quarantine violation is up to five years in jail and fine of $ 13,000 to $ 27,000. In India, those who infected with COVID-19 and violated a self-isolation rule can face imprisonment of up to two years. In addition, the hands of those suspected of being infected with the new coronavirus, will be marked with indelible ink o help police officers to track who has been infected with the virus.


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