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The international fair Kazan Halal Market opened in Kazan

15.05.2024 | 14:15 |
 The international fair Kazan Halal Market opened in Kazan

As part of the forum “Russia - Islamic World: KazanForum”, the international fair Kazan Halal Market opened in the Kazan agro-industrial park. This was reported by the Tatar-inform news agency.

The fair will run until May 19. Here you can purchase food, cosmetics, clothing, accessories and household goods from Russian and foreign manufacturers.

About 70 companies presented their products at the Kazan Halal Market - from Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, Iran, and Sri Lanka.

Companies from Afghanistan brought dried fruits and souvenirs, Kazakhstan - confectionery, Kyrgyzstan - dried fruits, Turkey - sweets, Iran - soft drinks, Pakistan - rice, Azerbaijan - fruit compotes, Sri Lanka - tea.

There are delicacies, sausages, canned food, honey, berries, medicinal herbs, and various jams.

Visitors can purchase national clothes or handicrafts, such as prayer rugs - namazliks, rosary beads made of natural stone, and souvenirs.

Opening the event, Rais of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov noted that holding halal fairs in the republic has become a good tradition, allowing their participants to establish new trade ties. In Tatarstan alone there are more than 100 producers of food products according to the Halal standard.



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