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Russian school IQ007 opens its doors in Ashgabat: develop your child’s potential

25.04.2024 | 10:44 |
 Russian school IQ007 opens its doors in Ashgabat: develop your child’s potential

The Russian School of Speed Reading and Intelligence Development IQ007 is opening in Ashgabat. The school invites children and teenagers to receive additional education in a modern creative space.

School IQ007 is a Russian franchise that has been operating in the educational market of Russia and the CIS countries for more than 10 years. During this time, the project launched 565 schools in cities and regions of the Russian Federation, as well as neighboring countries. A team of professionals, including candidates of science, teachers, best teachers and psychologists, conduct training using a unique methodology, and classes are held in small groups. This allows you to select a training program taking into account the individual characteristics of each student.

The educational developments of the IQ007 School inspire children to creativity and self-development, helping to unlock the potential of every child. Children can choose areas of interest among a variety of programs and a wide range of courses aimed at developing intelligence, memory, attention, speech, writing, calligraphy, as well as learning English and etiquette. Modern classrooms and a cozy atmosphere will make learning as comfortable as possible.

What courses do we offer?

Speed reading: Your child will learn to read quickly and thoughtfully;

Competent writing and calligraphy: Development of beautiful and correct handwriting;

Intelligent English: Learning the language through non-standard tasks that activate the thinking process;

IQ etiquette: Formation of communication and self-presentation skills.

Classes start in May.

Hurry up to register your children for training by following the link or by calling: (+99371) 518463.

Follow the news on social networks: @iq007_ashgabat.

IQ007 school is the key to your child’s success! Don't miss the chance to give your child the best education and develop his potential!



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