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“OSJD Bulletin” - we’ll tell you everything that happened...

16.04.2024 | 18:17 |
 “OSJD Bulletin” - we’ll tell you everything that happened...

Our publication - the OSJD Bulletin, published in 3 languages: Russian, English, Chinese - is the printed organ of the executive body of the Organization for Cooperation between Railways, the OSJD Committee, so we are here in Ashgabat, these days, when the meeting of railway directors general of the member countries is taking place,” Sergei Kabenkov, editor-in-chief of the OSJD Bulletin magazine says.

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— We cover all the decisions of the Organization, publish scientific, engineering articles, and economic reviews. And after this meeting, we will present extensive material about the course of this meeting, the decisions made, the tasks that were set. In addition, we will tell you about the various events that are held as part of this meeting. These include technical excursions, and the upcoming participation on April 17 in the opening of the Tejen-Mary section of the Ashgabat-Turkmenabat highway and others,” Kabenkov promised.


The magazine's audience is very wide, since the geography of thirty OSJD member countries covers large areas of Eurasia, plus about forty affiliated enterprises, five observer railways, and the recent entry of Laos has consolidated the vector of expansion of the organization in the direction of Southeast Asia. When asked how the magazine “manages” to cover important events and activities in the railway sector on almost the entire continent, to inform the reader in a timely manner, and this is mainly a professional category, the editor-in-chief answered this:


— We have to keep up. In principle, we work like any other publication. Of course, representatives of press services and railway administrations of different countries provide us with active assistance. In particular, before our trip to Turkmenistan, the Turkmendemirellary agency provided us with very good materials, which we jointly prepared and, as a result, published in a new special issue.


Sergey Kabenkov also noted in an interview with ORIENT that Turkmenistan occupies a very important place from a geographical point of view. The eastern branch of the North-South multimodal corridor also passes through the country - from Russia through Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan to Iran and beyond. The East-West direction through the Caspian Sea, connecting China and Europe, is also actively developing today. So Turkmenistan now has enormous opportunities for economic growth and cooperation.

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— The port of Turkmenbashi is of great importance. I was there, then in Krasnovodsk, in the 80s, and then now, and I have something to compare with. The new port infrastructure deserves high praise. So this port has great prospects for becoming an important hub for international cargo flows and great potential for development in this direction,” Kabenkov said.



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