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The leading financial newspaper of Luxembourg published an article “Priorities of Turkmenistan for 2024”

28.02.2024 | 02:53 |
 The leading financial newspaper of Luxembourg published an article “Priorities of Turkmenistan for 2024”

The leading financial newspaper in Luxembourg, Agefi Luxembourg, published on Tuesday, February 27, an article “Turkmenistan’s priorities for 2024.” The publication referred to a briefing that took place on February 12 at the Turkmen embassy in Brussels, where the head of the diplomatic mission informed representatives of European media and think tanks about the key priorities of Turkmenistan’s foreign and domestic policy and the main areas of cooperation with the EU.

Agefi Luxembourg highlighted in the ambassador's speech special emphasis on structural reforms and diversification of the economy of Turkmenistan, the transition to green energy, initiatives in the field of sustainable transport development and efforts to maintain and strengthen stability in Central Asia.

It was noted that the foreign policy strategy of Turkmenistan is based on the principles of peace and neutrality, which is considered as a factor of broad, constructive international cooperation, an instrument of positive influence on the settlement and resolution of existing problems and contradictions through peaceful, political and diplomatic means, at the negotiating table.

“Neutrality is not a political course for the role of a mere observer in any crisis situations, but, on the contrary, means active participation in the search for peaceful solutions and the provision of humanitarian assistance in the reconstruction process, without interfering in the internal affairs of the parties involved,” the newspaper writes.

In the context of the priority “peace and security”, the publication indicates that Turkmenistan proposes to begin discussing the possibilities of developing a Global Security Strategy based on the principles of preventive diplomacy and the use of the potential of neutrality for the peaceful, political and diplomatic resolution of disputes and contradictions, and also advocated the restoration of culture confidential dialogue. On the initiative of the country, in accordance with the decisions of the UN General Assembly, 2021 was declared the International Year of Peace and Trust, and 2023 - the Year of Dialogue as a guarantee of peace.

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In the context of regional security, the Afghan problem cannot be ignored, and Turkmenistan continues to assist in achieving peace and harmony in Afghanistan, taking into account the existing realities and providing economic, humanitarian and other forms of assistance to the neighboring country.

The article also examines the main directions of international economic partnership of Turkmenistan, including innovative development, activation of the private sector in all sectors, attraction of investments and advanced technologies, integration into the world trading system

Separately, the material examines the country's transition to green energy, issues of mitigating the negative impact on the climate caused by the extraction, transportation and use of energy resources, and reducing methane emissions.

The newspaper paid special attention to transport topics, which are now coming to the forefront of the global agenda. And evidence of this is the Investor Forum on EU-Central Asia Transport Links, held in Brussels at the end of January this year.

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