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Ashgabat CTN continues to implement GPON technology

06.12.2023 | 15:52 |
 Ashgabat CTN continues to implement GPON technology

JSC "Ashgabat City Telephone Network" regularly builds networks based on GPON (Gigabit passive optical network) technology, delivering optical cable to the apartments of Ashgabat residents and corporate offices.

Over 20 multi-storey buildings in the south of Ashgabat (1,536 apartments) are provided with GPON technology. Each room is provided with optical cables and ONT (Optical Network Terminal) subscriber terminals. The ONT terminal is installed at the subscriber's premises and is a compact device that receives an optical signal from the provider and converts it into a signal transmitted over an Ethernet cable.

Previously, GPON technology was provided to the cottages of the Choganly residential complex, houses on Senagat Street, 11th microdistrict (5 thousand 324 subscribers), houses located between Bitarap Turkmenistan Avenue and Gurbansoltan Eje Avenue.

According to the Ashgabat City Telephone Network, 17,941 points of the GPON technology system are currently in operation.

Activities to provide high-quality communication services to subscribers using GPON technology are carried out jointly with the Islamic Development Bank.

GPON technology is one of the most promising technologies for subscriber Internet access, capable of providing a high-quality and reliable connection of the subscriber to the network with low energy consumption at extremely high speeds (up to 10 Gbit/s). This technology involves the construction of a passive optical network of both short and medium length, ensuring guaranteed high quality of data reception and transmission, as well as a number of significant additional services, including television (IPTV) and telephony (VoIP).



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