Yangikala Canyons – “fire fortress” of nature

Yangikala Canyons – “fire fortress” of nature

The love for travel is conceived still at school, in Geography lessons, because the best way to know the world is to discover new horizons. Many corners of nature have been preserved on earth, which picturesque beauty impresses with its primordial nature.

The colored canyons of Yangikala, located in the North-West of Turkmenistan, in the Balkan region, can be attributed to such miracle phenomena. Because of the predominant red color in the composition of these rocks, the canyons are called “the fire fortress”.

As if alive, the mountains of Yangikala change their colors right before your eyes. Especially fabulous, indescribable in its beauty canyons appear at sunset, when the rays of the setting sun “paint” the area in a flaming range.

Many people dream to visit this wonderful place and see it with their own eyes. But to get to the canyons, it is necessary to overcome a multi-kilometer path in the Karakum Sands.

The sandy soil has been formed here for millions of years. Some time ago Karabogazgol Bay splashed here. Over time, the sea water receded, and the winds and rains began to create fancy castles.

Crushed shells of marine mollusks, remains of microorganisms erased into the smallest grains, and sands brought from the high mountains of the Pamir composed different colors and shades of the local sands – from steel gray to yellow-red. Speckled hillsides and cliffs impress with brightness and richness of colors, some views resemble Martian landscapes. Therefore, the beauty of the Yangikala canyons seems empyreal to everyone who has visited it.

It is not possible to go around the endless range of canyons, especially to get around it on foot in one day – the expanses are tremendous here. Climbing the multicolored hills, tourists certainly take photos for memory.

The most favorite photo-place of travelers is the “table rock” ledge. Standing at the edge of the cliff, daredevils shoot photos that take the breath away even of those who have never been to these picturesque regions.

The best point for a panoramic view of the desert landscape is the cliff, named by tourists “crocodile’s jaws”. The unusual natural formation really resembles the mouth of a predatory reptile, but it is precisely this point where a beautiful view of 80-90 kilometers around opens from.

Geologists, travelers and amateur photographers from all over the world come here, because the hypnotic charm of the “fire fortress” does not leave anyone indifferent.