WHO experts arrived in Tajikistan to help to fight COVID-19

WHO experts arrived in Tajikistan to help to fight COVID-19

Experts and epidemiologists of World Health Organization arrived in Dushanbe, as the site of WHO Regional Office for Europe informs.

However, if earlier a WHO delegation had to arrive and, having familiarised with the situation in place, to be convinced that Tajikistan is free from coronavirus as it was announced earlier by the republic authorities, now the state of affairs has changed completely. On the eve of the visit, on April 30 Tajikistan informed on establishment of first 15 persons infected with COVID-19, and now it is informed on 32 cases.

«For today in the country 32 cases have been confirmed with COVID-19, including 17 cases in Dushanbe, five cases in cities and areas of the republic and 10 cases in Soghd province » , - a representative of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection of the country informed.

Thus, a mission of WHO experts and epidemiologists to Tajikistan is reoriented. Now WHO employees in common with experts of Tajikistan will estimate risks and the situation in places, and will also help to develop reaction mechanisms, including a laboratory potential.

The Ministry of Health of the Republic assures that the government of Tajikistan takes now all necessary measures for preventive maintenance and treatment of novel COVID-19. «In this hard time all citizens of the country insistently are recommended to observe strictly rules of personal hygiene for the purpose of prevention of COVID-19 infection», - as in the statement of the medical department of the republic of Tajikistan.

After visit to Tajikistan, WHO experts should visit Turkmenistan as it was informed earlier. Turkmenistan remains for today a unique country in Central Asia free from COVID-19. A number of international experts consider that Ashgabat could take a good time for serious preventive measures which allow the country not to let the infection spread into its territory.