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New media platform launched to promote Turkmen exports

10.08.2023 | 12:59 |
 New media platform launched to promote Turkmen exports

From August 2023, a special media platform will be launched for promoting Turkmenistan’s exports, implemented jointly with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Trade Central Asia activity. This platform will assist Turkmenistan’s private producers by informing them about the export ecosystem’s development, including matters of improving product quality, complying with international standard requirements, and the quality improvement, marketing and development of competitive advantages needed to enter international markets. Likewise, the platform will offer the information and media support required for carrying out these business processes.

The new online column ‘Export Ecosystem Development Initiative’ will feature regular videos, including interviews with export company executives and specialists, and with representatives of foreign embassies in Turkmenistan, with emphasis placed on developing business relations between countries.

Along with this, commercials on leading exporting companies, and also articles and event-related information materials, will be developed and broadly distributed. Readers will also be entertained by online quizzes about ways and means of promoting international trade and export. The project will offer professional photos of the products and services of exporting companies, which they can later use for their portfolios and for displays at international exhibitions.

The project intends to promote integration of Turkmen business into digital spheres, including e-commerce, business network applications, multimedia and others, which should become business tools for small and medium-sized enterprises.


The ‘Export Ecosystem Development Initiative’ combines these tools and services into one information platform. It covers technical knowledge and skills, with modules on legal and customs matters, logistics, tax issues, certification of specialists of small and medium-sized businesses, and strengthening ties with partner institutions, as well as organizing exhibitions, seminars, and conferences, presentations and advertising campaigns.

If you are interested in promoting your products to foreign markets, then join our project!

To get started you can follow this link, and choose topics you would be interested in reading about in our future publications.

This publication was prepared by USAID’s Trade Central Asia activity, as a part of the Export Ecosystem Development Initiative in cooperation with the Orient Information Portal.


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