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OGT-2022: Towards a sustainable energy system of the future – topics of the Ashgabat forum

18.10.2022 | 04:17 |
 OGT-2022: Towards a sustainable energy system of the future – topics of the Ashgabat forum

Creating a sustainable energy system of the future in the context of the unfolding transition to low-carbon development requires cooperation and action from all global market players, government, business and academia circles. The XXVII International Forum "Oil and Gas of Turkmenistan" – OGT 2022 is organized to further promote scientific and technical knowledge, effective models and practices in the field of exploration, development, production, transportation and processing of energy resources.

The event will take place next week – October 26-28 under the auspices of the state concerns "Turkmengas" and "Turkmenneft", the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Turkmenistan and the state corporation "Turkmengeology". The partner in the organization of the flagship industry event is the EC "Turkmen Forum" with the support of the British Company GaffneyCline.

The purpose of the OGT 2022 conference and exhibition is to strengthen international dialogue, analyze the latest trends in the global energy system and attract foreign direct investment in the oil and gas sector of Turkmenistan through raising awareness of its potential.

This year, OGT is gathering delegates in Ashgabat, while the conference will be held online in parallel. The exhibition will present the achievements and promising projects of oil and gas companies, and at the conference, government representatives, government officials, industry leaders and experts will have the opportunity to discuss and share their opinions on current topics, share knowledge, experience and innovation, propose new ideas, and stimulate further research in the field of technological and entrepreneurial activity.

The conference will open with a plenary session titled "The Future of the Energy System: New Challenges and Opportunities". Among the key issues that are submitted for consideration during the sessions of the first day: investment opportunities in the energy sector of Turkmenistan on the shelf of the Caspian Sea and on land, new gas chemical projects.

A separate topic is the development of energy projects of a new era, the transition to renewable energy generation and hydrogen technologies. A hybrid wind-solar power plant with a capacity of 10 MW, which is planned to be built in Western Turkmenistan, and other large investment projects will be presented here. The delegates will discuss the role of international financial institutions in promoting clean energy and the strategy of Turkmenistan in the field of renewable energy sources.

On the second day of the conference, October 27, within the framework of the session “Environmental aspects of hydrocarbon field development”, there will be considered data and methods for accounting for methane and associated gas emissions in the elements of the hydrocarbon production value chain, innovations in emissions measurement, as well as reporting requirements, as the global gas industry is working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Delegates will analyze examples of international oil and gas companies operating in Turkmenistan under Production Sharing Agreements. In addition, the companies will present their latest updates and action plan to reduce methane and carbon dioxide emissions, underground gas storage technology and CO2 injection into an underground reservoir, etc.

The third day of the conference, October 28, will be dedicated to innovative technologies and know-how in oil and gas science and specialized education. Within the framework of this session, the main tasks and achievements in the field of training highly qualified personnel for the fuel and energy complex will be presented, including the development of scientific potential, as well as the role of research and development work.

These are the main tracks that OGT 2022 presents on carbon markets, clean fuels and the technologies you need to profit and reduce emissions. In addition, the forum platform provides exhibitors, company executives, researchers, developers and investors with unprecedented access to decision makers in the oil and gas industry of Turkmenistan both in person and online.

OGT 2022 is an excellent platform to strengthen existing partnerships and create new business opportunities, expand professional networking and networking across the energy and natural gas sector-from finance and science to production and consumption.


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