The individual enterprise uses top-class meat in production of sausages

The individual enterprise uses top-class meat in production of sausages

Individual enterprise "Galkan" specializing in production of sausages from organic "halal" meat carries out tastings of production in large retail chain stores of the Turkmen capital.

From the date of opening of the shopping, entertaining and business centre "Ashgabat" IE Galkan gives an opportunity to taste the production for all visitors of the hypermarket located here.


At a special rack, buyers can taste magic sausages of different types. They are made from meat of cattle, which is grazed in valleys of the Sumbar - a radiant village of Konekesir near Makhtumkuli district of Balkan region.

The meat of local cattle is especially rich in various vitamins and minerals as it eats the curative herbs growing here, and drinks water from pure mountain sources. Natural conditions of cultivation do the final product of class "A" environmentally friendly and dietary.

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On shelves of supermarkets, you can find the most different types of meat production of IE Galkan. It includes both usual sausages and traditional Turkmen gowudak, and completely smoked meat in vacuum packing.


Visitors of the Ashgabat hypermarket will be able to participate in tasting of production of the enterprise until September 30. On Saturday, the stand with sausages for test will appear in Kamil supermarket of the shopping centre "Berkarar".

It is possible to monitor announcements of actions of Galkan on the page of IE in Instagram - @turkmengalkan.

For wholesale purchase, one can contact by number 55-72-05.

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