Expand your business with the Foreign Economic Affairs Bank

Expand your business with the Foreign Economic Affairs Bank

State Bank for Foreign Economic Affairs of Turkmenistan presents the Microcredit Program for clients who seek to develop or expand their business, but do not have the necessary funds.


The loan is issued to an individual owner of a garden plot or land allotment, the owner of which plans to use it to breed livestock or plant crops.

The basis for obtaining a loan may also be the development and expansion of production, a growth in production of goods.

This also applies to purchase of agricultural machinery, construction of livestock pens and farms, purchase of livestock, fish and poultry, feed and veterinary medicines, plants cultivation, purchase of grain, mineral fertilizers, seedlings and young plants.

Loans are short-term and long-term, and are issued to consumers for up to 3 years at 10% per annum in the amount of up to 30 thousand manats.


The list of required documents for microcredit is available on the website of the Foreign Economic Affairs Bank of Turkmenistan

Moreover, in order to save time, an application for a loan can be filled out on the website and sent by e-mail to the bank’s lending department:,,


Business does not become large immediately, which means that you need to start in a small way: +993 (12) 40-63-54;