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Kazakhstan is considering an alternative route for road transport through Turkmenistan

19.02.2024 | 22:57 |
 Kazakhstan is considering an alternative route for road transport through Turkmenistan

Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Serik Zhumangarin held a meeting on topical issues of road cargo transportation.

According to the Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Kazakhstan, at the end of 2023, the total volume of road transport of goods in export-import communications reached 7.6 million tons (2.8 million tons - export, 4.8 million tons - import). At the same time, the share of Kazakh carriers was 50.2%, Uzbekistan – 10.6%, Turkey – 5.5%, Russia – 3%, Tajikistan – 2.5%.

European countries account for 1.6 million tons of transported cargo. And also half of the volumes are delivered by Kazakh carriers. At the same time, a serious barrier to interstate trade routes was the closure of all checkpoints for international road transport in Poland and the presence of only one checkpoint on the border of Russia and Belarus.

As an alternative to existing international routes, member of the Mazhilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan Bolatbek Nazhmetdinuly proposed considering a route through Turkmenistan, which leads to Turkey and the Persian Gulf countries, according to the website

For this, the state’s assistance is necessary in simplifying visa procedures with Turkmenistan, the information says. Also, as an alternative for the supply of goods to EU countries, it was proposed to work out a route through Latvia.

Following the meeting, Serik Zhumangarin instructed the participants to work out all options for alternative international road routes and develop a roadmap for their development, taking into account proposals from business representatives.



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