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According to the schedule: Turkmenistan has launched a regular container train for transit

19.02.2024 | 22:14 |
 According to the schedule: Turkmenistan has launched a regular container train for transit

The national railway carrier JSC Demiryollary has announced the organization of international scheduled freight transportation, launching a route along the main transit corridors. A regular container train running on a clear schedule will optimize logistics and reduce the delivery time of goods in the North-South and East-West directions.

This project became possible due to the modernization of the railway locomotive fleet throughout the route. After a large-scale reconstruction and renovation of the rolling stock, modern freight mainline diesel locomotives of increased capacity were put into operation.

According to preliminary forecasts, the new route in the future is capable of taking up to 90% of the cargo volume from alternative delivery routes, such as road transport. Experts also point out a number of key advantages of a regular train:

– Predictable speed - delivery of goods in 2-4 days;

– Accurate adherence to schedules and deadlines;

– Attractive cost of transportation;

– Environmental friendliness of railway transport.

By implementing this project, Demiryollary JSC plans to expand its geographical coverage, starting from neighboring countries to Turkey, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan through the routes Iran-Turkmenistan-Uzbekistan and Georgia- Azerbaijan-Caspian Sea-Turkmenistan-Uzbekistan, as well as from Russia to the Persian Gulf and India.

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In addition, most importantly, it is done according to the schedule. With such a project, the Turkmen railways have every chance to become the leader of transit traffic between the West and the East for many years to come. Moreover, both partners and their customers around the world will benefit from well-coordinated work in all transit countries.

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