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The picturesque islands of Turkey in the Aegean Sea invite you to relax

26.08.2023 | 18:50 |
 The picturesque islands of Turkey in the Aegean Sea invite you to relax

Delicious Turkish breakfasts in stone houses, beautiful beaches and walks along the seashore, beautiful sunsets and dinners in traditional taverns will give tourists the three most beautiful islands of the Turkic Sea - Gokceada, Bozcaada and Kunda. Which of these islands is right for you and where it is better to go on vacation, you can decide after reading a few tips from experts.

Bozcaada is called a real paradise for those who are tired of the bustle of the city. And it is also a preserved pearl of the Aegean Sea, located off the coast of Canakkale. Bozcaada, known in mythological texts as Tenedos, is famous for its crystal clear waters, vineyards and wines. You can get here by ferry departing from the Geyikli pier.


The first attraction that can be seen upon arrival on the island is Bozcada Castle, which fascinates with stunning landscapes around. It will be interesting to visit Bozcaada Museum, Ayazma Monastery, windmills and the Church of the Virgin Mary. In summer, the island greets guests with the sparkling waves of the Aegean Sea. Ayazma Beach and Aquarium Bay are two of the most popular swimming spots here, especially beautiful at this time of year.

Other advantages of Bozcaada are recreational and cultural outdoor activities. You can enjoy the sea and the wind by windsurfing on Çayır Beach or visit the Polente lighthouse and windmills located on the westernmost edge of the island. Lovers of a relaxing holiday can enjoy magnificent sunsets while enjoying the famous wines of Bozcaada. Or visit the wineries and see firsthand the traditional ways of making wines from four endemic grape varieties that grow on the island. By the way, the Vineyard Festival is held here every year in the first weeks of September.

Gokceada is located in the northern part of the Aegean, near the Gallipoli peninsula and is considered one of the most picturesque regions of Turkey with authentic villages, warm winds, goats roaming the hills, clear sea and endless beaches. Thanks to all these characteristics, since 2011 the island has become the world's first and only "Cittaslow" island (Italian for "slow town").


This is one of the few islands in Turkey where the picturesque bays and beaches have been preserved in their original form, and the turquoise waters of the sea are a magnet for swimmers, divers and surfers who come here by the thousands. And this is not surprising - there are ideal conditions for windsurfing 300 days a year. Aydıncık with its 1200-meter golden sandy beach or Gizli Liman, Laz Bay, Yıldız and Mavi (Blue) Bays, as well as other untouched shores of the island, have long been favorite vacation spots for sophisticated tourists.

It remains to be added that Gökceada uniquely combines a measured urban rhythm, magnificent architecture and delicious cuisine, and the cozy villages of Kaleköy, Zeytinli, Tepeköy, Bademli and Dereköy, spread out on the island like a pearl necklace, enchant with their amazing landscapes with centuries-old trees, hills and authentic stone houses.

The island of Kunda is also called the fairy tale of the Turko-Aegean Sea. It is located in the northern part of the Aegean and is beautiful at any time of the year. The main attraction of the island is the Taxiarhis Church, which is a must see. It was built in 1873, and after the restoration made in 2011, it regained its original beauty - today the building has been turned into the Ayvalik Rahmi M. Koç Museum.


Ashiklar hill offers a beautiful panorama of the island, and after walking along the cobbled streets or air and water baths in the azure Aquarium or Green Bay, you can taste the delicious delicacies of Kund with appetite. The island is famous for its delicious mezes, salads, papaline, samphire (Deniz börülcesi), artichokes seasoned with fragrant spices and herbs, which are skillfully prepared only by the inhabitants of the Aegean islands.


Photo: provided by the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Turkmenistan

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