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"Big Wash" - an art event at the French school in Ashgabat

26.03.2023 | 01:43 |
 "Big Wash" - an art event at the French school in Ashgabat

Spring has come and, as usual, the students of the French school MLF (Mission laïque française) are preparing for traditional spring events. Among them, everyone's favorite "Big Wash" (Grande lessive).

This is an art installation, or, as it is now fashionable to say, a worldwide flash mob of drawings. The idea of the "Big Wash" was presented to the world by the French artist Joel Gontier in 2006. Participants of the action on the appointed day pull the rope on the street (in the yard, in the library, in the squares, in parks), and hang drawings on it.


The theme of the Big Washes, which are held twice a year, changes every time. The technique for performing creative work can be any. These include pencil drawings, watercolors, photomontage, collage, etc. The only requirement is the size of the sheets (A4 format), compliance with the stated topic, and everyone can submit only one work.


The main purpose of such flash mobs is to promote artistic practice and learning, as well as the development of social ties. To participate in the action it is not necessary to be a professional, it can be anyone, regardless of age.


This spring's theme is Ma cabane et/est la tienne, which can be interpreted as "My home is your home." Pupils of the French school decided to draw a Turkmen yurt symbolizing comfort, warmth and hospitality. College kids preferred to express their ideas with colored pencils. Middle school students presented their works depicting a traditional Turkmen dwelling with open doors, from where the owners greetly look out. And the youngest pupils of the school prepared collages combining photography and drawing.


The “Big Wash” as a global action this year is striking in scale. It brings together more than 10 million participants from over 120 countries. Turkmenistan has been participating in this art event for the sixth year.


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