How the President of Turkmenistan spent his weekend

How the President of Turkmenistan spent his weekend

On Saturday, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov inspected the starting and completing new buildings in the capital and its environs and on Sunday climbed the Health path, as well as took a bike ride. News reports about this were given in news releases of Turkmen television.

During his working trip, the head of state first examined the area near Ashgabat, where it is planned to build a new stable. It is located in the near-Kopetdag valley of Akhal next to the International Akhal-Teke Equestrian Complex and the village of Aba Annayev, specially built for equestrian families.


The expansion of horse breeding infrastructure is a natural consequence of the large-scale work that was carried out in the country to develop and popularize equestrian sphere, the Akhal-teke breed of horses as a national treasure. The industry has received a modern material, technical and scientific base, which attracts young people, international contacts are actively developing along this line, and the number of pedigree racehorses is growing.

The new stable, for which more than 15 hectares were allotted, is designed for 600 heads. In addition to stalls, the site will have its own veterinary centre, feed storage facilities, auxiliary facilities, as well as an administrative building and parking lots.

Berdimuhamedov, having studied the plans and drawings of the entire structure, its engineering and technical component, pointed out the need to create conditions for dressage and sports training of horses, effective work with them by staff, including the provision of housing for specialists.


The head of state drew attention to the beauty of the surrounding nature and noted the importance of maintaining a favourable environmental situation. At the same time, he emphasized the role of innovative approaches in the organization of equestrian farming and the use of digital technologies to manage its activities at the advanced level.

The tender for the construction of a new stable was won by the private Turkmen company Nur-Bina.

At the same time, another stable is being built in Akhal, which will be under the control of law enforcement agencies - for official horse breeding. Located in Ak Bugday area, it is designed for 500 horses.


Returning to Ashgabat, the President made a stop near the sculpture of the legendary horse Polatly, from where the silhouette of the growing new administrative centre of Akhal province is visible.

Its construction began in August 2019, and many buildings of the future city have already risen, which will soon be able to receive more than 70 thousand residents.

The first phase of the new administrative centre of Akhal should be completed in 2022, on Day of Neutrality. Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov also gave instructions on the use of the latest technologies here to create a smart city system.

During the trip, the President of Turkmenistan visited the construction site of the Karakum Hotel and the large park zone built next to it in the north of Ashgabat.


The building of the respectable hotel is almost ready, finishing work is underway, and trees have already been planted in the park and a bicycle path has been laid, biking has been installed.

Having examined the state of affairs at these facilities, Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov ordered the accompanying managers to monitor the quality of all work in new buildings.

...The next day, on Sunday, the Turkmen leader climbed the multi-kilometre Health path laid in the early 2000s, which, according to here, is a symbol of sports development policy and the sports and mass movement.


Having completed his ascent, President Berdimuhamedov made a multi-kilometre bike ride in the outskirts of Ashgabat.

As we know, in 2018, it was on this day, June 3, which the UN General Assembly decided to declare World Bicycle Day.