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Candidates for the World Cup 2018 medals in the category of 102 kg determined

09.11.2018 | 09:25 |
 Candidates for the World Cup 2018 medals in the category of 102 kg determined

At 13:51 the competition among men in the weight category of 102 kg in group "B" ended.

Despite the fact that all weightlifters, with the exception of the Lithuanian Arnas Sidiskis, successfully carried out the push from the first time, the failure pursued them in subsequent attempts.

Good technique was demonstrated by Mexican Rizhoberto Pérez Fuentes, who implemented all the attempts, both in snatch and push. Only the third attempt in the exercise "push" was not counted by the judges.

The efforts of the British Edward Gordon Boxall were unsuccessful. In the snatch, he was able to realize only one attempt and, as a result of the injury, could not adequately manifest himself in the push.

Weightlifter from Lithuania Zygimantas Stanilus did not come up on the platform for the third attempt in the push, despite the fact that he had completed the previous two.

As a result, the first place was taken by a weightlifter from Lithuania, Arnas Sidiskis, who lifted a total of 344 kg - 155 kg in a snatch and 189 kg in a push. One kilogram behind him was an athlete from Samoa Koriata Petelo. He lifted 343 kg - 150 kg in the snatch and 193 kg in the push.

The third was the Mexican Javier Pantoya Azchatl. In the biathlon he scored 340 kg - 145 kg in the snatch and 195 in the push.

Turkmen weightlifter Ovez Ovezov, who performed as an “additional” participant, confidently raised the starting 160 kg in a snatch, but could not master 164 kg and 165 kg in two subsequent attempts. In the exercise "push", Ovez managed to raise the starting 190 kg from the second attempt and did not master the 199 kg stated in the third.

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