Petronas aims to expand cooperation with Turkmenistan

For two days in Avaza, on the Turkmen coast of the Caspian Sea, on the fields of the 10th Gas Congress, companies from 30 countries were discussing ways to expand interaction in the gas market.

Among the forum participants are those who yet only plan to establish cooperation with the fuel and energy complex of Turkmenistan, as well as long-standing and reliable partners of the country. Among them, is the platinum sponsor of the congress – Petronas.

– What are the prospects for cooperation between Petronas and Turkmenistan?

“We have been in Turkmenistan for 23 years now, and we are very pleased that our work is supported by government departments, including the State Concern Turkmengaz. And we are very impressed with the emerging prospects and want to expand our interaction with the government of Turkmenistan. We want to develop further here, to develop new structures, new fields,” responds Mohamed Firous bin Asnan, vice president of Petronas Charigali.

“Today we can produce more and respond better to the need for energy resources.” And, of course, we are open to export. It was at the congress that the potential of the TAPI pipeline was mentioned. We hope that one day we will supply resources for it as well as for a possible Trans-Caspian pipeline. We see opportunities for loading both pipelines – both to the West and to the East. We are very optimistic, and are focused on the development of cooperation.

A rich cultural program is also organized for guests on the Caspian coast.