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Varda Space has opened new horizons in pharmaceuticals

24.02.2024 | 15:56 |
 Varda Space has opened new horizons in pharmaceuticals

The space manufacturing company Varda Space has successfully implemented its plan to create a new platform for the production of pharmaceuticals in orbit.

After more than eight months in orbit, the Winnebago-1 capsule delivered medicines "grown" in space to Earth. She landed in the desert of the American state of Utah with ritonavir crystals inside. This drug is used to treat HIV/AIDS.

The first experimental mission for the production of medicines in microgravity marked an important milestone in the history of the space industry and pharmaceuticals.

After landing, the capsule will be sent to the Varda facility in Los Angeles for further analysis, and the bottles of ritonavir will be transferred to the research company Improved Pharma for subsequent expert evaluation.

Varda Space was founded in 2020. She aims to change the paradigm of the pharmaceutical and semiconductor industries by taking advantage of the unique microgravity conditions in space.



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