In 2019 China imported over 47 billion cubic meters of Central Asian gas

In 2019 China imported over 47 billion cubic meters of Central Asian gas

In 2019, more than 47.9 billion cubic meters of natural gas was exported to China via the China-Central Asia gas pipeline, Xinhua reported, citing data from the PetroChina West Pipeline Company.

The gas pipeline, which celebrated its tenth anniversary last year, originates on the territory of Turkmenistan, crosses Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan through the Chinese-Kazakh border in Khorgos, further connecting to the internal West-East gas pipeline system.

The transnational 1,833 km-long gas pipeline corridor with a projected annual capacity of 55 billion cubic meters is operating in a stable and safe mode.

As of 31 December 2019, 294.6 billion cubic meters of “blue fuel” were delivered to China through three lines, which provided almost half a billion population in 27 provinces, cities and special administrative region of Xianggang.

In 2018 the gas exports from Central Asia to China with predominant share of Turkmenistan’s hydrocarbons, amounted to 47.49 billion cubic meters with growth of 23.08% compared to 2017.

A December report by the Oxford Institute for Energy studies on the prospects for Central Asian gas says there is no doubt among observers of China’s energy sector that gas demand will grow substantially during the 2020s.

China’s gas consumption was 283 billion cubic meters in 2018. By 2024, CNPC expects it to rise by a further 130 billion cubic meters.

BP forecasts that Chinese gas demand will reach 610 billion cubic meters by 2035. And since China’s production potential is limited, experts agree that China’s dependence on imported gas will grow.