Great musical evening of violinist Hasan Mamedov

Great musical evening of violinist Hasan Mamedov

New Year’s Eve in Ashgabat turned out to be rich in festive concerts. Turkmen pop stars do not get tired of delighting the audience with show programs, because the main “attribute” of any holiday is a good mood, and who else but the artists are able to give a charge of positive emotions to many at once.

On December 20, the musical extravaganza of the “clockwork” violin Hasan Mamedov reigned in the Vatan cinema and concert hall. The maestro, as always, was at his best, and the virtuoso possession of the instrument that the musician loved since childhood, once again delighted and amazed the audience.

Full house, not a single empty seat, a sea of flowers and endless applause. The company for the violinist on stage was made by the singer Ilyas Rejepov, Berdymurad Berdyev – known for his unique vocal abilities, and other talented musicians.

– Hasan and I have known each other since we were 15, when the passion for music was just emerging in our young souls. He picked up the violin, I am the guitar, since then we have become friends. And today, looking back at our creative path, I understand that everything was not in vain,” says Berdymurad Berdyev.

The atmosphere of the concert was reminiscent of a warm home environment, where relatives came together who have something to remember together. And when the owner of the Grand Prix of the Golden Tuning Fork contest, Berdymurad Berdyev, sang the words of the famous song from the movie “My Love”: “Nothing on earth passes without a trace, and youth long gone is still immortal”, a wave of voices swept across the hall, catching touching lines.

A great musical evening was full of surprises, both for the public and for the artists themselves. To the sound of an incendiary Caucasian melody, a boy unexpectedly ran out onto the stage and started to dance, chasing out the movements of Lezginka. Apparently, the fascinating performance of the violinist did not allow the boy to sit still, and in such a bold way he decided to support the maestro.

The musical composition is over, and surprised Hasan Mamedov asks the provocative boy:

– What was it? Boy, what’s your name?

– Azim! – the baby answers, smiling.

– Maybe you also want to sing? – the maestro jokes.

– Next time, Azim laughs. – When I learn to sing, – and, giving a box of sweets to the musician, runs away from the stage to the thunder of applause.

The concert was really successful, congratulating the audience on the upcoming New Year, Hasan Mamedov wished everyone to gather more often with friends and relatives, sing their favorite songs and not forget the main thing – happiness is where your home is.