Governor of St. Petersburg – about joint history, fairy-tale city of Ashgabat and future cooperation

Governor of St. Petersburg – about joint history, fairy-tale city of Ashgabat and future cooperation

The Governor of St. Petersburg, Alexander Beglov, who is in Ashgabat on a working visit, was received today by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov. The guest spoke about the content of this meeting in an interview with an ORIENT correspondent:

– I am very happy about this meeting because I met with a very respected and wise politician. We discussed a number of issues, and I said that I was very delighted with the city. Indeed, the city is wonderful, beautiful, patriotic. I saw a lot of patriotism, national elements in the decor. Such an environment also educates young people. A very clean and tidy city, a huge number of buildings, lined with marble, I never saw such a city so that it was all in marble. Fountains … A huge green city in the desert … I am delighted. I was here in the 1974-75s. And what dear Mr. President did is just a fairy tale.

– And what issues of cooperation did you discuss?

– As for the interaction of Turkmenistan with St. Petersburg, this is, first of all, the economy, shipbuilding, energy, gas industry, IT-technologies. We talked about the fact that in Turkmenistan we decided to build a new city, a “smart city”. And just in this matter we could provide appropriate assistance. I think that here our experts could provide their new best practices.

Our joint history became another topic – this is the Great Patriotic War. This year we will celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory. And we remember that the Turkmen people received 300 Leningraders during the evacuation. And, of course, I am very moved by the fact that today the former blockaders who live in Turkmenistan are provided with everything necessary. We will meet with them today.

Our city of St. Petersburg – Leningrad was protected by the Turkmens, and their graves are in the Piskaryovskoye cemetery, and as a sign of respect to the Turkmen people, we have a plate on the Memory Alley dedicated to the Turkmen heroes – 25 heroes of the Soviet Union, 19 heroes were awarded the Order of Glory. This is a great contribution to our common victory. I proposed to consider the issue in order to invite Turkmen students to our holiday “Scarlet Sails”. And of course, cultural relations are one of the main issues that were considered today.

– Mr. Governor, you have a rich program of stay in Ashgabat. What results do you expect from this trip?

– First of all, I would like our relations to begin to develop more dynamically in all areas, both in the cultural and scientific fields, in economics, and industry. Representatives of various industries have come with me, and I think that appropriate contacts will be made. They already exist today, and I am sure that we will give them momentum.

– This year Turkmenistan marks the 25th anniversary of neutrality. This is a very important event for the country. What can you say about this?

– I would like to congratulate the people of Turkmenistan, wish them success, health, prosperity, and the wise policy that is being carried out today, because today everything is calm and safe in the country, despite the fact that, in general, a lot of events are happening along the border. But thanks to neutrality and farsighted politics your leadership manages to maintain calm and security. It is comfortable for our archaeologists to work here together with Turkmen scientists, and this gives good results in studying the history of human civilization.