Anti-trafficking training started in Turkmenistan

Anti-trafficking training started in Turkmenistan

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) – the United Nations Agency on Migration, the Mission in Turkmenistan, jointly with the USAID Project Promoting Youth Development for a Successful Future, conducts a four-day training for young volunteer trainers on the topic “There is No Place for Human Trafficking in the Modern World”.

The training objective is to strengthen the organizational capacity of public associations of Turkmenistan working in the field of combating human trafficking through the training of volunteer trainers.

– As of today, our main objective is to prepare qualified young professionals for conducting subsequent trainings, seminars, information campaigns on combating human trafficking, as well as to increase the awareness of a targeted audience. To do this, international expert Galina Tyurina was invited from Belarus”, USAID Project Executive Director Ayna Bayramova tells.

The training essence is not only to share theoretical knowledge, but also to provide an opportunity to consolidate the information received in practice using a game manner. During the practical seminar, participants are given the opportunity to cooperate in teams and jointly solve their tasks.

During the seminar, the floor was also given to representative of the Institute of State, Law and Democracy of Turkmenistan Shemshat Atajanova. Her objective was to acquaint all those present with the main legal provisions contained in the legislation of Turkmenistan in the field of combating trafficking in persons.

Joint projects of IOM and the Government of Turkmenistan are aimed at regulating migration, as well as focus directly on migrants, potential migrants and victims of human trafficking.

At the training end, experts expect the participants to acquire complete, high-quality and reliable skills in undertaking measures to combat trafficking in persons, and learn how to plan further steps to work with volunteer teenagers.