Zarif did not rule out a possibility of talks with USA

Zarif did not rule out a possibility of talks with USA

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif did not rule out a possibility of negotiations with the USA in case Washington changes the course and remove sanctions in relation to Teheran.

«No, I never rule out the possibility that people will change their approach and recognize the realities. For us, it doesn’t matter who is sitting in the White House. What matters is how they behave. The Trump administration can correct its past, lift the sanctions and come back to the negotiating table. We’re still at the negotiating table. They’re the ones who left», Zarif said in his interview to the German magazine Spiegel, reports IRNA.

«No. Inspections and transparency about Iran’s activities are an important part of the agreement, and they are still happening. The EU has not fulfilled parts of the agreement and Iran has not fulfilled parts, but that doesn’t mean it is dead.», he underlined, answering the question whether the nuclear deal is dead.

Making comments on the possibility of renewal of international sanctions against Iran after the statement of the authorities of the EU-3 (France, Great Britain and Germany) about the start of the mechanism of solution of disputes within the limits of JCPOA, Zarif noted that earlier President Hassan Rouhani clarified the actions we will take in a letter to the treaty partners in which is informed on the following steps of Teheran. «The Europeans will be responsible for all the consequences of possible renewal of sanctions against Iran», – he underlined.

He also told that the threat of Iran to leave the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) does not mean that the country is going to build a nuclear bomb.