Yuri Aronsky: gardening campaign in Afghanistan and the policy of positive neutrality of Turkmenistan

Yuri Aronsky: gardening campaign in Afghanistan and the policy of positive neutrality of Turkmenistan

A tree-planting campaign was held in Afghanistan to mark the 25th anniversary of Turkmenistan’s neutrality and the Novruz Holiday, the CentralAsia.news website reported. Expert Yuri Aronsky told to a correspondent of the “CIS Voice” online radio about the benefits of a positive neutrality policy.

Employees of the Consulate of Turkmenistan in Mazar-I-Sharif, with the participation of employees of the Foreign Ministry of Afghanistan, as well as officers of customs, railway and oil and gas industry, together with representatives of Turkmen Diaspora in the country planted tree seedlings.

Yuri Aronsky, Ph.D. in Economics said that this year the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan is holding many events, dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the country’s permanent neutrality.

In January, representatives of almost all international organizations participated in the International Conference “Turkmenistan and International Organizations: Cooperation for Peace and Development”. At the forum, it was noted that Turkmenistan is one of the leaders in promoting the Sustainable Development Goals, developed for all UN members. This is particularly a merit of the positive neutrality policy.

“The experience of implementing the neutrality concept shows that the additional opportunities are emerged to expand international trade, implement joint development programs between countries, and accelerate the promotion of goals and objectives,” said Aronsky.

Based on its neutral status, Turkmenistan renders all possible humanitarian and economic assistance to countries in need. According to Aronsky, this process is particularly clear in relation to Afghanistan.

“And it’s not just about erecting a mosque, planting trees, or the Aid Program for 2020-2022. The whole range of steps taken by the country is important here. I will not talk about TAPI, although this is a case in point and a topic for a separate conversation,” continues the economist.

The analyst reminds that Turkmenistan constantly and purposefully provides multilateral assistance to Afghanistan, which allows the country to independently proceed to internal conflict resolution, get funds for the development of the country’s economy, and just get used to peace.

“Neutrality is a tool for peace support and stable socio-economic development, closer effective international cooperation,” concludes Yuri Aronsky.