Youth – a driving force of changes

Youth – a driving force of changes

August 12 – International Youth Day which is urged to remind of the contribution of young men to world construction. It was initiated at the Lisbon World Conference of ministers of affairs of youth in 1998, and was supported by the resolution of the UN General Assembly later. By United Nations estimations, there are 1, 21 billion young people aged from 15 to 24 today in the world. It makes up 15, 5 % of the entire world’s population.

The theme of this year – “Youth Engagement for Global Action”. It is possibility to underline participation of the younger generation in the activity to combat the climate change at local, national and global levels. The voice and the youth contribution are especially important for effective realisation of the sustainable development goals and the Parisian agreement.

«The majority of global problems which we face today, especially climate change, demand the co-ordinated and universal global efforts. So, the youth can be important force in struggle against climate change, working out and policy realisation in this area», – tells Adriana Valenzuela, the co-ordinator of the Focal Point for Education and Youth at the United Nations.

So, YOUNGO – the youth platform of the Frame convention of the United Nations about climate change represents the youth in actions of the United Nations connected with climate change. The annual Conference of the youth held by YOUNGO unites young men from every corner of the globe for an exchange of ideas and experience for strengthening of actions in this area.

The huge role belongs to the youth in struggle against the COVID-19 pandemic and process of restoration after it. In the world a number of initiatives which are directed on mobilisation of efforts of youth in support rendering to vulnerable levels of population and risk groups is developed. The centres of youth innovations support to start-ups in working out of effective technological decisions in struggle with COVID-19.