Young Turkmen chess player defeats the Vice-World Champion twice in a row

Young Turkmen chess player defeats the Vice-World Champion twice in a row

Chess as a sport in Turkmenistan is at a worthy level, and still, when a player, at age of 17, defeats a Vice Champion in the blitz section of the chess match – American chess grandmaster Gata Kamsky, it is beyond praise. A resident of Ashgabat Allayar Shirliyev has won twice in the last three days.

Champion of Turkmenistan in all age categories Allayar Shirliyev on November 9 has defeated Gata Kamsky (Vice Champion of the 1996 FIDE World Chess Championship, 2010 World Rapid Champion, many-time US Champion) in a rapid chess game held via the Internet.

And on November 12, Allayar has repeated his success and proved that he is a worthy contender for the title of the new champion, having defeated Gata Kamsky once again, who in 1995, reached a ranking of fourth in the world rankings after Garry Kasparov, Anatoly Karpov and Vasily Ivanchuk.

The ORIENT correspondent found out some details about our young hero. The boy joined the chess club, which was attended by his older sister, at age of 5. After a couple of test games, he developed a strong interest in the sport. His first coach was Saparmurad Atabaev, who assisted Allayar to display his talent. While aged under-6, he won one of the candidates for the master of Turkmenistan in the 1st league.

Soon he became the Champion of Turkmenistan among under-13 chess players. In 2015, Allayar participated at the World Chess Championship in India and won the gold medal in the under-16 category. It was his first international tournament and not last.

In 2016, Iran hosted the Open World Chess Championship among teenagers. Iran is one of the prominent chess powers, including India and Russia. Allayar was at the Top-3 on outcomes of the tournament. Same year, at the World Championship in Sochi, the young Turkmen chess player was included in the Top-10 and reached a ranking of 9th in Under-13 list.

By that time, Honored Coach of Turkmenistan Aydogdy Atabayev was the mentor of Allayar. And the young man continued to reveal his potential from one international tournament to another. In 2019, at the World Youth Under-16 Chess Olympiad, held in Turkey, he won the reigning World Champion as part of the Russian national team Rudik Makaryan and gained respect among his rivals.

And this is only the beginning of a great future for young chess player. Allayar keeps training every day and learns new things for his development in the chess school. We sincerely wish Allayar great success, and we are sure that he will continue to delight us with his achievements.