Young Turkmen chess player and his achievements in the international arena

Young Turkmen chess player and his achievements in the international arena

International online competitions with the participation of about 5,000 chess players took place on the Internet, where a battle to win the Blitz category was of special one. One of the most promising chess players in Turkmenistan is 17-year-old Allayar Shirliev.

Regardless of the name and status of his opponents, the young chess player won many confident victories and proved himself in the twenty best chess players of the tournament. Former World Rapid Chess Champion Shakhriyar Mamedyarov became one of Allayar’s “victims” at this tournament.

As to the victories of the chess player over influential players, Allayar won a victory over the former US champions Hikaru Nakamura and Gata Kamsky, the world champion among schoolchildren Eltaj Safarli, having demonstrated a consistently high score in the ratio of correct decisions made and their effectiveness.

Currently, the young chess player is preparing for a session of simultaneous blindfold play on several boards. It means that he will not be able to see the opponent’s play, just he has to fix in his mind. Let us recall that earlier Allayar had already conducted a session of simultaneous play with ten opponents in the classical style, in which he proved to be the best among his opponents.

As the honored coach of Turkmenistan and mentor of the young chess player Shohrat Myratgulyev said, in March this year, training camps will be held at the sports base of the Avaza National Tourist Zone, or in the picturesque mountain town of Gokdere. To improve sports skills, a chess matches tournament on will be held for young boys and girls.