Young Iranian parkour athlete becomes world champion

Young Iranian parkour athlete becomes world champion

17-year-old Iranian Yasin Hemmatinejad became world champion in parkour at the international competitions which were held in an online format, inform the Iranian mass-media.

Hemmatinejad presented Iran in the tournament where 70 best parkour athletes of the world took part and has won a gold medal. He also occupied 4th place by results of popular voting.
The world parkour championship was held under the aegis of the International Federation of Gymnastics.

The word «parkour » occurs from the French word «parcourt» which designates crossing. It means movement art by the most simple and fast way.

Making an emphasis on the speed and simplicity, the purpose of parkour is to teach everyone to overcome obstacles in the life. It is a fascinating sport at which it is a lot of admirers.
Thus, some confuse parkour with other trades: they consider all performances in the streets, based on gymnastics, parkour, while the majority of them actually are a part of sports named free running.