Young entrepreneur from Turkmenistan speaks at an innovation festival in Kazakhstan

Young entrepreneur from Turkmenistan speaks at an innovation festival in Kazakhstan

An entrepreneur from Turkmenistan, the founder of the country’s largest online bookstore Readit, Akmurad Hayytbaev, took part in the annual innovative ideas festival Go viral 2019, which was held in Almaty.

Along with innovators from the CIS countries and the United States, the young businessman spoke to a large audience of thousands of people as a speaker and presented his book startup.

– Initially, I should have been going to the festival as a participant. But the organizers liked my resume, and they invited me as a speaker, ”said Akmurad.

In his speech, he spoke about how to start your own business in social networks, in particular “Instagram”, which in recent years has gained immense popularity among young people and turned into a business platform..

Akmurad’s presentation was attended by the largest number of people interested in doing business on the Internet, who, even after the end of the speech, did not let go of the Turkmen citizen, asking him the backlog of questions.

– When I was preparing for my presentation, I familiarized myself with the topics of speeches of other speakers. And I found out that the issue of social networks was not covered. So I decided to tell young people about promoting my business on Instagram through the lens of my experience,” the entrepreneur shared.

According to him, participation in the festival “Go viral 2019” gave a tremendous ex-perience in the further development of his business, as it is a good platform where you can exchange views with a lot of young talented guys, learn a lot of new things, declare yourself.

Since 2017, the Go viral festival has brought together innovators in the field of media, culture, business and technology. During the three-day forum, which is held annually in Almaty, the participants will have interesting presentations, discussions, master clas-ses, as well as watching films and performances. In general, this is a great opportunity to create and promote your content, to successfully interact with a global audience.

– I hope that now even more people will use the services of our online store. And I can say with confidence that Readit, the main audience of which is young people, has helped many find the book they need, be it fiction or business books, ”said Akmurad. – However, I myself love to read books.

It was the love of books, the desire to develop reading in Turkmenistan that led him to open the online bookstore “Readit”, which has become popular in the country.

In the future, Akmurad plans to open a physical store, where you can also find a wide range of modern books.