Young ambassadors of SDGs from Turkmenistan were noted at the forum in Moscow

Young ambassadors of SDGs from Turkmenistan were noted at the forum in Moscow

At the 5th forum of the youth organizations of states-participants of CIS which was held in Moscow young ambassadors of SDGs of Turkmenistan presented a video clip in which they told about the project and the work carried out within the limits of sustainable development goals.

The speech began that in March of the current year as a result of the competition declared by the United Nations together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and also the Ministry of Finance and Economy of Turkmenistan 17 young ambassadors of SDGs were chosen.

– Our primary goal – to inform the youth that each of us can bring a contribution to construction of sustainable future, – ambassador Kemal Gaitnazarov shares.

This year was rich and interesting; much has been made within the limits of the project of sustainable development goals. For example, young ambassadors of SDGs have taken part in preparation of the Voluntary national review of Turkmenistan, have carried out various actions in the capital and regions of the country.

– For me as for the ambassador of Goal 17 who is responsible for partnership, it  was a great honour to participate at the Political forum of high level in the United Nations headquarters in New York and to speak on behalf of the younger generation, Kemal told.

In his report he mentioned such aspects as education, public health services, and environment and acquainted with the actions held in Turkmenistan aimed at achievement of the goals of sustainable development.

Young ambassadors also keep contact with foreign organisations, as the Youth council of Russia. Under their invitation one of diplomats of SDGs of Turkmenistan – Diyar Lomonov has taken part in the forum devoted to World Cities Day in Yekaterinburg.

At this conference Diyar presented national projects of the country and shared how actions in the field of SDGs realized in Turkmenistan.

Besides all this, special attention is given to development of potential of the youth. So, UNDP held seminars on bases of enterprise activity. Participants listened to lectures, where international experts in detail told about how independently to make a business plan and assigned to each participant an instructor who helps children.

Maysa Ovezmuhammedova