World Yoga Day was celebrated in Ashgabat: how to hear the Universe?

World Yoga Day was celebrated in Ashgabat: how to hear the Universe?

Yoga is a significant part of Indian culture, and for some time now, world culture. Some (and not without reason) believe that this is the ideal way to achieve physical and spiritual perfection.

In the past times, one of my freak friend became quite sick in his early years. Doctors strenuously healed him, but not from what should have been. A sad result was that he was diagnosed with a more reminiscent sentence: every spring in the spring and autumn to undergo planned treatment with the use of the strongest medical drugs, and after thirty years – disability. For the young man it was a tragedy. But he escaped it due to … his curiosity.

Of the vast amount of literature he reads, very useful and incompetent (although such does not happen – after all, useless literature teaches what should be read and what to avoid), he came across the books of the Mahabharata published by the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan.

The translator and compiler of these publications was a well-known scientist, but not a Sanskritologist, but Doctor of Medical Sciences B.Smirnov. ORIENT dedicated one of its publications  to the life of this remarkable man.

Boris Leonidovich Smirnov in his comments on the great Indian epic analyzed such a phenomenon in ancient Indian culture as yoga. And not only from historical, philosophical and other aspects, but also from the standpoint of its high therapeutic effect.

The very freak, instead of going to the clinics, started hatha yoga at home. It was in the spring. And after six months – in the winter – he could walk in the snow barefoot without any consequences for his body.

It was a miracle from the category of those in which I personally do not believe. But it prevents me from doing this by the fact that I myself am a living witness of this phenomenon.

That boy explained the deep effect of yoga, achieved through the adoption of certain poses-asanas (hatha yoga) and correct – deep and rhythmic breathing (pranayama).

Teachers-gurus assure that if humanity learns to breathe correctly, then in two months all doctors on our planet will remain without work. Listen to your breath, say the teacher, and you will hear the rhythm of the universe.

How come?

The ancient teaching says that everything in this world is interdependent and interconnected, the entire infinite Universe is connected and dependent on each of even the smallest living and inanimate objects by invisible threads. And the same  it also applies in reverse order. Just like an ordinary human body depends on the state of each of its many cells. Yes, the functioning of a single cell depends on the health of the whole organism.

The strange properties of hatha yoga, by which most often mean the whole complex of the phenomenon of yoga as a phenomenon of world culture, contributed to its dizzying spread throughout the world in the last century.

And now Ashgabat marked World Yoga Day. It was conducted by the Center for Yoga and Traditional Medicine, about which ORIENT once wrote. The participants and guests of the celebration began to celebrate World Yoga Day in the early morning – they began to do this by planting seedlings, thus laying another small garden, and then proceeded to practical exercises.

And it was not surprising that not only the Indian ambassador to Turkmenistan, but also his colleagues in the diplomatic corps, representing various countries, as well as the Minister of Health of Turkmenistan, took part in this event.

In the course of the event, the most diligent students who achieved noticeable results on the path of physical and spiritual advancement were given memorable gifts.

… The origins of the birth of yoga as a harmonious system are lost in the depths of centuries. The ancient Indian legends say that the god Shiva dedicated his beloved Parvati to the mystery of the yogic teachings so that she would be forever young. That is, the origin of the spread of yoga is love. How can you not remember the words of Jesus Christ: “God is Love!”

And although the Vedas (ancient written sources) report that Shiva indicated the presence of 8,400,000 positions, our contemporaries use only dozens of asanas. And this is enough to constantly keep yourself in a vigorous spirit and sound body.

Some, even those who have heard little about yoga, instinctively apply its techniques and methods in life. Especially creative individuals – in moments of creative inspiration or scientists – in the period of intellectual illumination. Albert Einstein, for example, when without equipment and instruments, theoretically described the structure of the Universe and black holes, the presence of which could be confirmed many years later.

When asked how he succeeded, he replied that while he was in a deep mental immersion, he saddled a ray of light, flew through it through vast cosmic spaces and described everything he saw. To which one of the teachers-gurus noticed that such meditative practice is given in the section of Raja Yoga several thousand years ago.

Nowadays, there are a great many varieties of yoga – from classical ones, which teach, for example, to develop intellectual abilities, to control the mind, to meditate, etc., to modern variants that do not always resemble their basis.

However, each of them has the right to exist. At least temporary. And there already time itself will filter the wheat from the chaff. The main thing is that they all do not contradict the basic, in my opinion, postulate – everything in this world is interdependent and interconnected.

So I think, why, if everything is so interconnected and interdependent in this world – from an infinite Universe and a tiny insect – why we, people, cannot find a common language with each other, forming into contradictory blocks and alliances, based on ideological, religious, racial and other differences?

Let’s better, as advised by the teacher-gurus, listen to your breath, and try to hear the rhythm of the same for all of us the Universe.

Maybe it will help? Until we destroyed our common House – such a beautiful and fragile planet Earth.

Aleksandr BAYRIEV