World of cinema: 5 best comedies of 2020

World of cinema: 5 best comedies of 2020

What can be better than a cup of fragrant tea, fresh eclairs and a good film after a hard day? We advise to prefer a comedy of world cinema. In our everyday life frequently we get too much negative from outside, and the laughter helps to get rid of unpleasant thoughts. Therefore we offer a choice of the best comedy films of 2020.

«Bad Boys for Life»

This continuation of cult action films «Bad guys» and «Bad guys – 2». Certainly, in leading roles are inimitable Will Smith and charming Martin Lawrence. In this picture there is everything – a fascinating plot, the unexpected ending and, of course, many qualitative jokes.

«Like a Boss»

Perhaps, each woman though time in life faces crisis, whether it be work or relations. The best girlfriends Mia and Mel on the example will show, how it is possible to get out of unpleasant situations and thus not to lose each other. The easy and kind comedy actually possesses deep sense and will be useful for many.

«The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle»

Any more for the first time Robert Downey Jr. will appear in a role of the oddish doctor. But this time the actor will play the veterinary surgeon who despaired and has become isolated after death of the beloved. Will remain afloat to the hero to help animals with whom it easily finds common language. But there will come day when the man should leave the house and to go to an adventure. On a way it will face different troubles, will get out from which to it to help its true canine friends.

«7 hours to make you fall in love»

Italy – the country of love and passion. Such the romantic comedy «7 hours to make you fall in love» has turned out. Protagonists performed by Serena Rossi and Giampaolo Morelli will be started turning in circulation of feelings and emotions. But whether there are they together or not, you learn only after viewing.

«Sonic the Hedgehog»

Video games Sonic the Hedgehog about a superfast dark blue hedgehog of Sonic are familiar to many. In a consequence the multi-series cartoon serial with the unusual character in a leading role which has received unknown success has been released. But this year the wild hedgehog has appeared for the first time at cinema. In this comedy which approaches for viewing by children, and adults, Sonic faced complexities of life on the Earth, has found a friend and battled to the villain.