World Cup 2018: Triumphs of the “blue samurai”, “Teranga’s Lions” and the Russian national team

World Cup 2018: Triumphs of the “blue samurai”, “Teranga’s Lions” and the Russian national team



The first round of the World Cup in Russia ended with two meetings of teams from the group H. In Saransk, at the stadium “Mordovia Arena”, the Colombian national team met with representatives of the Land of the Rising Sun.

The first are rightly considered one of the brightest teams in South America and have in their composition a lot of football stars of varying sizes. The Japanese, although they are the most titled team in Asia, as a rule, never set themselves high goals for the mundiale, but they play traditionally tenaciously, disciplined, usually in the “second number”, i.e. from defense.

From the first seconds of the match, the Colombians came under the pressure of the “blue samurai”, who, having counterattacked, stroke a goal. Goalkeeper of the “coffee land” David Ospina from “Arsenal” beats the ball directly to the player of the Japanese national team Shinji Kagawa, representing the Bundesliga. The blow of Kagawa is forced to stop by Carlos Sanchez. Penalties and removal already in the third minute! Fantastic! Colombia remains in the minority.

The penalty performed by the midfielder of Dortmund “Borussia”, easily defeats the goalkeeper of South Americans. Japan led in the score. What a start!

After the conceded ball Colombia took the game under their control, while rationally spending their strength, so as not to fizzle out before the end of the match. At the 39th minute of the meeting Juan Quintero (River Plate), performing a free-kick, outsmarted the defenders in the wall and sent the ball down with the Japanese jumping. The goalkeeper reached out – but the ball had already crossed the goal line. 1: 1. With such a score, the first half of the meeting ended.

From the very beginning of the second half and up to the 73rd minute of the match, the team of Japan literally did not let the Colombians play. Attacks moved in the center and on both flanks, “blue samurai” earned a huge number of corners and it was clear that such pressure can not but lead to a change in score on the scoreboard. During the filing of the next “Corner” Keisuke Honda addresses the ball exactly on the head of his partner in the Osaka team , who, without a bag, sends the ball into the goal through the goalkeeper of the “coffee land”.

In the remaining time, the South Americans did not manage to do anything on the field. The result is a rather unexpected victory of the Land of the Rising Sun. Or not a sensation at all? If you do not take into account that the national team of Colombia so early was left in the minority, the Japanese very carefully and competently held the entire match. Especially its second half. We will look forward to the second round of games with the participation of these teams.


The second game day match was held in Moscow, at the new stadium “Spartacus” (for the time of mundial called Spartak’s “Open Arena”). Poland vs. Senegal. “White Eagles” against “Lions of Teranga”. Robert Lewandowski from the Munich super club against Sadio Manet, who scored ten goals this season in the Champions League for Liverpool … Nawaf Shukralla (Bahrain) was appointed referee of the meeting.

Poles in traditional white and red colors, Africans – in green.

At the 9th minute of the game, the Senegalese organized the first dangerous moment. The stands exhaled. While nominal guests look better in both attack and defense, “Eagles” needs to come up with something urgently …

For half an hour of the game, “The Lions of Teranga” conducted another dangerous combination, having received in response to it as much as two – in the performance of Grosicki and Lewandowski.

Head coach of the Senegal national team 42-year-old Alia Cissé is now active and gestures something trying to convey it to his team. And, listening to the mentor, the “green” are trying to intercept the gaming initiative, in the last minute given to Poland.

Seven minutes before the break, the Africans had an excellent counter-attack and midfielder Idriss Geye from Everton scores a goal in the right-hand corner of the Polish team’s gates. But the ball is recorded on Tiago Cioneca, whose foot he touched in flight. First goal and the national team of Senegal ahead! Until the end of the first half, the score could have been doubled by Salif Sane, but the ball after a header struck near the post.

From the first minute of the second half of the match, the “white eagles” go ahead, but they do it with a lot of mistakes in simple game situations. At the 52nd minute, Robert Lewandowski got a good kick and the keeper of the Africans’ gate had to demonstrate all his jumping to save the team.

And it seems like Senegalese have already started to “dry up” the game … but! On the 60th minute the second ball flew into the net of the goal of the national team of Poland. The gross error of the defenders of the “eagles” who gave the ball to their goalkeeper. Instantly figuring out the situation, because of their backs, Mby Nyang (Torino player) jumped out on the Polish goalkeeper and, after defeating Wojciech Szczęsny, rolled a football projectile in an empty shot. And now the “green” team of Senegal leads the score with a difference of two goals.

At the 68th minute again, Lewandowski …. and again unsuccessfully … Still, the European team looks rather poor compared to its opponents. It is a fact. What should a red-white coach do in such a situation? What should Adam do? Just throw the personnel reservesin battle . That he begins to do immediately. This is the second replacement for the Poles in the course of the second half.

On the percentage of possession of the ball, Poland is ahead – but what is the use of this in this situation? Sad are the fan stands of “white eagles.” The brazier makes the last change. It remains to play less than ten minutes of the regular time of the match.

Goooooooooal! On the 85th minute, the fans of the Polish team cheered up. Grzegorz Kryhovyak beautifully scores after filing in the penalty area of the opponent. Intrigue loomed on the horizon !

But all ninety minutes of the match have expired, four more have been added – the Senegal national team competently plays in defense and achieves a somewhat unexpected victory over the “eagles”.


And in St. Petersburg today was the main match of the day and the second round for the Russian fans. Triumphators of the meeting with Saudi Arabia were examined by the Egyptians, which included the best scorer of the English Premier League, Mohammed Salah from Liverpool, who has completely recovered after the injury.

The first quarter of an hour passed not at a fast pace, with an equal game. Teams exchanged harmless blows, the national team of Egypt was more often folil.

On the 19th and 23rd minutes the Russian team held two nice, but inaccurate attacks. The Egyptians became noticeably more active. At the 35th minute, the striker of “Pharaohs” Marwan Mohsen dangerously hits the ball with his head – but pass the gate.

Five minutes before the end of the first half of the meeting, Russians earn two corners in a row. But their rally does not lead to anything. The referee adds nothing – whistle for a break. I think that this game should not suit any of the teams, because the players for the whole time did not create any really dangerous moments.

At the 47th minute, the Russian team opened the score. And the hosts of the tournament were helped the Egyptian captain Ahmed Fathi. After the ball was sent by Golovin, the goal was eliminated by the goalkeeper of the “Pharaohs” Mohammed El-Shennavi, knocking out a football on Roman Zobnin, he immediately sends the ball to Dzube. Fathi blocked this transfer, but it’s so unfortunate that he cuts the ball into his own gates. The goalkeeper is powerless.

After a goal scored, the Russian team does not reduce pressure on the gates of the Egyptians. And on the 59th minute it brings fruit – Denis Cheryshev scores a very impressive goal, sending the ball between the legs of El-Shennavi. 2: 0!

Well, in the 62nd minute the score is already devastating. Artem Dzyuba alone set out against the defender of the “pharaohs” Ali Gabr from the club “West Brom” and from thirteen meters shot the enemy’s gate. The goalkeeper did not even move.

After eleven minutes, Paraguayan referee Enrique Caceres, after watching the video, appoints a penalty to the gates of the Russians – Roman Zobnin fouls on Mohammed Salah. And the victim himself reduces the gap in the score, strongly punching in the center under the crossbar.

The judge adds four minutes to the main time of the match , in which nothing interesting has happened. Denis Cheryshev is compared in the dispute of the scorers with the Portuguese star of “Real” Cristiano Ronaldo, and the Russian team is almost guaranteed a way out to the playoffs of the home world championship, with which we congratulate them!