Wood industry of Turkmenistan grows by almost a quarter

Wood industry of Turkmenistan grows by almost a quarter

In 2020, the wood industry in Turkmenistan has inreased by 23.7 percent. ORIENT found out about this in the s State Committee on Statistics of the country. The industry developed at the expense of new processing enterprises, including private ones.

Due to natural climate and geographical specifics, the forest fund of Turkmenistan occupies only 8.6 percent out the total area of the country. However, for the development of the wood industry, in addition to the raw wood, the agricultural waste is used also.

It makes the industry to be not only profitable but environment-friendly as well. Deforestation does not harm the ecosystem, while opportunities for the development of furniture and construction industries are enlarging.

One of the most successful private woodworking enterprises in the country was opened in 2018 in the Oguzhan district of the Mary province. It produces wood chipboards using the cotton stalks that remain after the raw harvest and other agricultural waste.

The creation of such facilities will contribute to the development of the local industry for the manufacture of furniture and building materials using eco-friendly, natural materials. It will reduce import of related items and lower market prices for this category of goods for ordinary consumers across the country.