Wonderful horse named Inspiration

Alexander BAYRIEV

The stereotypical phrase: “time flies quickly and inexorably.”

Not less than a duty maxim: “so quickly that we do not even notice.”

Unfortunately, this, as the Russians say, is the homely truth, echoed by the English – homespun truth.

And the fact that time flies rapidly, we are aware of when we accidentally stumble upon photos of children who were not long ago quite small. Or when we are moving away from the New Year holidays in 2019, and it seems that not so long ago I gave home orders to prepare for the upcoming new 2017.

We see children every day, therefore we do not notice how they grow up. Similarly, the city of the Turkmen capital – Ashgabat – seems to be the same city that it was yesterday and the day before yesterday. But the guests, having arrived in a year or two, assure that the capital has changed noticeably. And their enthusiasm for the beauty of white marble skyscrapers, wide avenues, spacious city squares and green areas are perceived by local people as duty compliments.

Although they are, in fact, right. Residents of the Turkmen capital are accustomed to and do not notice the beauty that surrounds them every day. Just as the fact that our recent little kids are already enviable guys-grooms and beautiful girls for marriage.

Once again, the rightness of that banality, that “time flies swiftly” had to be believed by looking at the Sunday TV news program “Vatan”, where they showed the story of how President Berdimuhamedov spent part of his day off: a bike ride on the outskirts of Ashgabat and a visit to an equestrian center.

In general, nothing surprising: the Turkmen leader loves sports. And he not only promotes them, but also enjoys car racing, playing sports, martial arts, etc. etc.

The result of his sports hobbies was that he – the holder of the Order of Honor of the Asian Olympic Council, was admitted to the honorary members of the All-Japan Karate Federation, he was awarded the 10th dan in karate and the 7th in taekwondo, etc. etc.).

And his love for horses is always a special conversation.

A rare day off the president does without talking with his beloved pets. Having come to the equestrian center, he diligently takes care of the horses, walks them, participates in races.

Ahal-Teke is the name Turkmens call their national pride. Horses in the presidential complex are different, and all are beautiful, purebred, eminent.

But this time, the president paid special attention to the horse of fabulous beauty – light cream color Ruhubelent, who was born at the very beginning of 2017.

Two years ago, this small, big-eyed miracle was seen by the whole country in a TV program: as it shifted from foot to foot, it pressed itself against its mother…

This was a foal of a very, very rare suit – it is called differently, cream, isabel, etc. The unique color and unusual brilliance emanating from the horse makes it incredibly beautiful.

Ahal-Teke horses of this color were cultivated by Turkmen 5 thousand years ago. The mysterious shade of the suit changes right before your eyes, depending on the lighting – from white, silver to reddish. Not a horse – but four-legged magic.

Then President Berdymukhamedov gave this miraculous foal the name Ruhubelent – the year had just begun, and its motto (when all of Turkmenistan was preparing to hold the Asian Games 2017) was the words “Health and inspiration” – “Sagdynlylyk we ruhubelentlilik”.

So Berdimuhamedov called this little magic – Ruhubelent.

Since then, two years have passed. Time flew by so quickly that we did not even notice.

Although we notice it or not, but our children are growing just by leaps and bounds, Ashgabat – the once provincial town, today, overgrown with new areas, is becoming more and more beautiful, Turkmenistan – the once deserted land – is gradually turning into a blooming garden.

And the visiting guests, besides the banal “time flies swiftly and inexorably,” sincerely say how magnificent and beautiful everything is here …

Such a telling is suggested by the Sunday TV report shown on Turkmen television.

ORIENT is grateful to the Turkmen State TV and Radio Company for the provided frames, of which the following video was mounted.