Women in Art: an exhibition dedicated to March 8 opened in Ashgabat

Women in Art: an exhibition dedicated to March 8 opened in Ashgabat

International Women’s Day is one of the most favorite holidays for the beautiful half of humanity. This year, March 8 will be celebrated for the 110th time. And according to tradition, on the eve of the upcoming holiday, the exhibition center of the Union of Artists of Turkmenistan hosts a festive exhibition-competition about women and for women.

All creative works, including paintings, ceramics, graphics, etc. made by skilled hands of skilled craftsmen. Artists-women, maidens, girls presented the guests of the exhibition a new encounter with the world of beauty. In honor of the international holiday, each participant was awarded memorable gifts and valuable prizes.

Today, the role of a woman is of prime importance, because she is not only a caring mother, the keeper of the hearth, but also a hard worker who achieves considerable success in her career. Therefore, the festive exposition turned out to be equally diverse. A woman ceramist, Gulyara Babayeva, taken an honorary third place in the competition program, shared her impressions about the cultural event and the holiday in general.

“Every year I participate in the spring exhibition-competition dedicated to the International Women’s Day. Seeing happy faces here and being inspired by each other’s work is worth a lot. Of course, in everyday life I have to combine raising children and working at the Academy of Arts, where I have a large group of students under my command. At the same time, you have to manage doing household duties and finding time for your favorite activity – ceramics.”

Presenting several of her new works at the exhibition, Gulyara Babayeva once again proved that a modern woman can succeed everywhere. The theme of the hearth and noble work was also emphasized by Leyli Karova. A third-year student of the Academy of Arts of Turkmenistan exhibited a 3D painting depicting a girl in a traditional Turkmen outfit with a bouquet of live wheat ears.

It is worth noting that the textile dolls, sculptures, tapestries and art compositions presented at the exhibition reflect the rich national color of Turkmenistan. A country with interesting stories and traditions preserves the memory of its heroic women. These are the ancient warriors-Amazons, and the queen Rhodogune of Parthia, and from modern history – a girl scout, agent Bir.

“To be a woman in today’s reality is very interesting, – says the creator of the collection of textile dolls Annabagt Tachmuradova. – Many opportunities are opened for us that our predecessors could only dream of. Today, women occupy leadership positions, boldly assert themselves in the arts and achieve great success in literally all things.”

Young artist Selbi Berdyeva also regularly participates in the spring competition. According to the girl, her mother, whose life is connected with the art of carpet making, greatly exemplifies her. Guljahan Mammetmuradova, a student of the Academy of Arts of Turkmenistan, also highlighted the importance of family values – in her work, made in the papier-mache technique, she conveyed the warmth and tenderness of kittens gathered around the mother cat.

At the end of the evening, the opera singer Murad Divanaev gratified the women and guests of the exhibition with a creative surprise, performing the familiar and favorite song compositions Moonlight Night and Beautiful Spring.