With what the third day of the international theater festival in Ashgabat was remembered

With what the third day of the international theater festival in Ashgabat was remembered

In Ashgabat the week of theatres of the international festival proceeds. On Thursday, November 21, in the national theatre named after Alp Arslan once two performances were shown drawing full capacity houses.

The Estonian theatre R.A.A.A.M presented the play «Now it is not time for love» on motives of the play by Brazilian playwright Guillermo Figueiredo «God spent a night at home». A history basis – an Ancient Greek myth about commander Amphitryonand Hercules birth where eternal human emotions intertwine: love and jealousy.

– It is necessary to speak about love long, distinctly and in detail, the big details – the producer of performance Oleg Loevsky speaks. – And though theatre of our is drama, we have brought a comedy to Ashgabat.

Actors of the American Theatre simple showed «Caravan Chronicles», performance about family values, about great value of the house and unsurpassed true: «Each place – the house if you know that search». The actors were very warmly met by Ashgabat public, as well as promised, could involve all auditorium in ease and relationship atmosphere.

In the USA trailers name “caravans”, it is an original mobile house. And the small family from four persons travels not only on roads of America, but also on corners of the memoirs.

Having hanged out on a linen rope paper «memory plateaus», and «haiku» heroes read to plateaus of verses cheerful and sad stories. Sing songs with the Hawaiian guitar ukulele: «Life it only a small basket of cherries, enjoy the moment here and now».

The performance «Caravan Chronicles» abounds with the citations, which heroes can offer spectators as the vital motto. Actors on the scene are not similar to actors in classical understanding. They are simple people with the everyday stories same, as any person from auditorium.

On the termination of theatrical action the public still for a long time did not want to release the fallen in love characters. And actors sang a song from performance on “encore”. Flowers, an applause and photos for memory finish one more day of the international theater festival.

Selbi Charyeva