With the first stars: the release of cadets of military universities of Turkmenistan

With the first stars: the release of cadets of military universities of Turkmenistan

Graduation of cadets of military universities is much different from a similar celebration for ordinary students. During the official part of the ceremony, an unsurpassed order reigns here — the torso of smart guys and beautiful girls in a uniform is still, no conversations or even whispers are heard.

Future commanders who will manage hundreds and even thousands of military personnel demonstrate a high level of discipline. Behind them is the tomorrow of the Armed Forces of the country, and therefore they are serious about the ceremony of obtaining officer degrees. They will be a pass to life for new lieutenants, full of great responsibility.

Those who have mastered the latest types of technology, who have comprehended the wisdom of military science and received the first epaulettes with stars in their lives, graduates of military higher educational institutions of Turkmenistan demonstrate full readiness for the devoted and unquestioning service to the Fatherland.

Their attitude may even seem too cold and prudent, as if the defenders of the Motherland are silent terminators waiting for any order. However, this impression is deceptive.

At the end of the ceremony, when graduates are solemnly marching across the square near the Monument to the Constitution of Turkmenistan and the host announces the end of the official part of the event, the young people who received their first two officer stars are allowed to go to parents and relatives.

Laughter, joyful shouts and wide smiles completely overturn the perception of what is happening. And the newly minted officers are not at all soulless machines, but real people who love their loved ones and have missed them very much during their studies. They also missed their small homeland, the walls of houses in which they grew up. Without love for them, all discipline, knowledge and skills are meaningless. Therefore, the most valuable thing they have learned in military schools is to appreciate every moment of peaceful life and love for free.

The release of students of the Military Academy and cadets of military universities of Turkmenistan, took place in Ashgabat on June 15th.


«Milli goshun»)