Winners of the Turkmenistan Bowling Championship to go to Kuwait

Winners of the Turkmenistan Bowling Championship to go to Kuwait

The Bowling Championship of Turkmenistan started in the Olympic Park of Ashgabat, which brought together both professional players and fans of this sport.

The tournament provides an opportunity not only for experienced athletes to once again demonstrate their skills, but also beginners to show their abilities in order to enter the national team in the future.

– Such competitions help in identifying new players in bowling, and the most important in this respect is to raise them to a professional level, Chairman of the Bowling Federation of Turkmenistan Batyr Hangeldiev said. – I always look for the capable beginners and invite them to the team, so that later I will intensively work on developing their technique.

Maya Abdrahmanova, a player in the National Bowling Team of Turkmenistan, performing at this tournament, is a vivid example. The girl who once came with her friends to play bowling for fun is now a professional player.

– Then I was told that the Federation is holding a tournament in which I can also take part and try my hand, Maya tells. I agreed. And so the intensive training began. Maya then took third place.

– Actually, playing is not so simple, she said. – In bowling you are breaking stereotypes and act against the rules of nature, that is, you step with your right foot and throw a ball with your right hand.

According to the athlete, at the current tournament all players have equal chances. In addition, the track is now treated with a special type of oil, on which the sliding of a ball depends.

The Turkmenistan Championship will end on September 8. The best players will win a ticket to the Asian Championship to take place in Kuwait in October.