Why is the cold weather a good reason to start exercising?

Why is the cold weather a good reason to start exercising?

The current cold weather in Turkmenistan is not a reason to abandon outdoor activities. Moreover, this is a good time to bring more physical activity into your life!

Without physical activity, the metabolism slows down in the human body. We become sluggish, sleepy, and more prone to colds. The winter frost is a great excuse to reduce physical activity. Therefore, many people at this time of the year resemble bears. They can barely force themselves to get out of bed in the morning and spend the whole day in half-sleep.

It seems to us that exercising in cold weather can undermine our health. However, everything is exactly the opposite! Physical activity in winter strengthens the immune system, hardens the body and gives a fantastic boost of energy and vitality. But for this to work, there are some precautions that must be followed.

Always start with a warm-up

It is better to warm up before the main exercises at home, at a room temperature. A good warm up is that after which a person feels warm, but have not sweat yet. For this, cardio exercises are best such as running in place, jumping, etc.

Skipping a warm-up is the main reason why many people cannot make themselves doing sports in cold weather. Give yourself a promise that if you don’t want to continue your exercises after your warm-up, you will give up. However, having taken the first step, the brain will no longer back off from what you have started and will bring it to the end.

Dress up warmly

A good warm-up allows going outside without fear of the cold. But dressing warmly is important for the health. First of all, it is necessary to protect yourself from the cold wind, which flows can cause freezing injuries at sub-zero temperatures.

Wear gloves, and choose athletic shoes with thick soles. At sub-zero temperatures, follow the principle of layering – use winter or special thermal underwear that prevents perspiration.

What sport to do?

Running is the best option, but exercises using a horizontal bar, and power loads will not be excessive either, especially if you have been engaged in sports activities before.

The main goal of outdoors physical exercises in winter is to feel good, so give preference to those physical activities that come to you relatively easily and lift your mood. Do not try to set sports records if you are not a trained athlete.

What time of day to choose for sports in winter?

Doing it immediately after waking up will provide a cheerful mood and a boost of energy for the whole day. A cool or slightly warm shower immediately after exercises, before the body has time to get used to a room temperature, will strengthen this condition and improve immunity.

These tips are not universal, but if you do not have chronic diseases and special contraindications, then it is worth trying!